Chris J Powell

The Grand Reset…how to Prepare Yourself

From time to time our lives require us to take a step back and really take stock of what is important to us.  I myself have been heading down that path myself for the past several weeks but Technology sometimes requires us to take a similar “reset” to restore a balance and bring things back all fresh and new.  My iPad has been growing increasingly slow over the past several weeks and it was about time that I did a mass reset to bring things back to order.

Unfortunately for us all, Apple makes it very difficult to leverage their existing tools to retain the information on an iPad by pulling off things like the 100+ books that I had either transferred or downloaded directly to the iPad.  This has been a source of frustration for me for some time and the option of emailing each PDF and ePub to myself just to save the data seemed more than a little silly!

I went out on a search and when I am looking for FREE Software (especially when having to leverage a Windows Virtual Machine just to work with iTunes) I did find iFunBox a program that not only lets me access the file system but lets me pull off the data to a folder of my choosing!

There is no better feeling than to know that I was able to get the things that I wanted off of the device and well…start fresh.



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