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The iWatch – Why?

Ok, I get the importance of “wearables” but the look and feel of the iWatch is not something that I can really get behind.  That might have something to do with the fact that I would never have an iPhone, in fact I would not purchase anything from Apple with my own money (the iPad that I had was a prize from work a few years ago and is not in the possession of my wonderful daughter).

Looking at the iWatch, it is slick and has lots of options, but as a wearer of watches (I never leave home without one on my wrist), I just don’t get the need for a square face…they are just but ugly.  Sure you give up some screen real estate when you go with a circle but who can really compare the look and feel of a Moto360 with the clunkiness of the iWatch:


I looked through the thorough comparison of the two watches over at Tech Radar and for my money and “style” the Moto360 is by far a superior purchase, even if the new iWatch will be able to surpass it in overall features and accessories I just can’t seem to figure out why someone spend $700 on the “Collection” model to have a slight bump in “specs” just to have the Apple name on their wrist…and then there is the fact that it will only work with Apple phones (and only iPhone 5 and newer)…the Moto360 does not require you to be with a Motorola Phone, just in the Android Family.

So for my money, the $249 for the Moto360 is a far better buy…but then again…as I look at my desk…I am a bit of an Android Geek!

To look at the form and function of both watches though…check out the respective sites:


Apple iWatch

Other Wearables:

Samsung Gear S

Huawei Watch

Kairos – Hybrid

LG G Watch R



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