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The Mobile Work Place

For myself, Tablets (specifically the iPad) has been ruling my post work surfing and data consumption for the past several months but it would appear that I am not alone in this matter.  One of my favorite Tech Sites recently put up some interesting figures that enable Apples Share in the Mobile computing space to “eat notebooks for lunch

But what does this really mean in the work place?

My iPad now goes with me EVERYWHERE.   It is my music player at work, my secondary monitor and data gatherer while I am on Sales Presentations and has even become a digital note book in meetings.  I freely admit that Apple changed the face of mobile computing forever and I love just how portable it is.


But there are shortcomings to this platform, content creation is neither easy or effective (I HATE THE KEYBOARD THAT APPLE CREATED) and if the mind share of knowledge workers can get past the “Sexy Factor” of the iPad…the HP TouchPad or EEE Transformer could really take a run at the king of mobile computing.


As many of you know, I did not purchase my iPad with my hard won Dollars but through the sweat of my brow I supported my colleagues and went the extra mile and was rewarded with the iPad as a bonus and even though I will now admit that I LOVE MY IPAD (happy @djuusola) I would not have purchased it myself.


But let’s look at the Tablet Market in general and where it can best fit into daily grind of hard working Sales Professionals, Corporate Executives and even in a few Industry Specific arenas.


Tablets and the Sales Professional

I am an Inside Sales Professional so the Tablet’s that I own are for my own personal consumption, they are for any wow factor but I can definitely see that the ability to get a WOW factor out of a Client or Prospect by sitting down with them, handing over the tablet and interacting directly with the mind share would make the relationship come to life, even the ability to process the order directly through a WiFi Tether or 3G connection will aid in speed to market and supply chain efficiency.

Tablets and the Corporate Executive

For the CEO, CFO, CIO (let the C-Level Execs chime in with any extra’s I left out) the tablet platform can be an effective way of increasing mobile efficiency.  Multiple data sources, Digital Notepads and a connected work force all lend very nicely for upper management to continue to remain connected while on business trips, vacation or in the middle of the night.  The 10″ screen that has become the defacto standard on Tablets works well to display web pages, PowerPoint presentations and some of the newer note takers work very well with the newer style of Tablet Stylus (with Rubber tips).

Tablets in Education

For more than one of my clients, the Tablet PC is being touted as a savior for declining budgets.  From my days of being on Parent Council with my daughter’s schools I know that Text Books and Photo Copying are huge portions of the consumable budget for the class room and having seen my daughter come home with 10 year old textbooks more than once…I can see a great advantage to Digital Subscriptions with the publisher (instant updates – no waiting for budget – win win if you ask me).  But the real win is that kids LOVE Gadgets and making learning fun is key to keeping them engaged.

Tablets in Health Care

This industry with its newer legislative nightmares on both sides of the border have been looking at and leveraging the power of the Tablet for some time but with the recent influx of competitors in the market it is now truly a real opportunity.  From Medical History to X-Rays to the plethora of new ICD-10 codes out there, tablets in the ER would become an invaluable tool to aid in better delivery of quality health care.

Tablets are every where.  On the bus, on the train.  They have invaded the workplace and are not likely to leave anytime soon.  For IT Managers who have not adopted a plan to integrate them into the work flow…it is time to build a real strategy because for those who have, the competitive advantage is huge.


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