Chris J Powell

The Problem with Big Data

It is really funny how I am reading more and more that the concept of Big Data is over hyped and basically non-functional in its current state.  While I may agree with the over hyped part I would say that the expectations that we are placing on a technology that is still in its infancy is neither fair nor realistic.  The same was being said about Unified Communications a decade ago and I really don’t think that the world of Big Data will take that long to catch up and surpass any expectations we have of it today.

In an article for the Harvard Business Journal, MIT Director of the Human Dynamics Lab Alex Pentland outlines some of the biggest challenges that Big Data Faces.  The points that he brings up are not only succinct they are spot on, but I would hazard a guess that our own expectations of the technology are the biggest challenge!

The issues that I am hearing most about the failure of Big Data is because of Groupon, Facebook and other companies trying to carve out a piece of the market and increase the relevancy of their ads to you by using Big Data.  My surfing habits are to say the least more like an iPhone 5 user in a strange city than a consistent and safe traveler that never leaves the safety of his home.

The time will come when we look back at the early stages of Big Data an think fondly of the days when we were getting the strangely messed up SPAM messages that really had nothing to do with us…especially when we are living in a world that is more likely to be like the one in Minority Report than what we see today.

Well keep your stick on the ice and have a great day!


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