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This weekend I expanded my home network exponentially.  It is amazing what happens when you find a couple of extra Hard Drives and get loaned a PS3 for your first extended visit from your daughter in your new reality.  I took to building out a little something that would enable me to have a media hub that would not use the extreme power draw that my massively over engineered personal computer does.  


Leveraging an extra PC and some of the more than 8 TB of functional storage that I have (I have far more but most of those disks are non functional) and I was off to the races building a Media Center PC that would house, serve and display all the media that I have accumulated over the years.  That will relegate the MonstaPuter for what it really was designed for and that is act as my home away from home and the master of all things that are Krispy.

This thought came to me a while ago but both time and energy did not allow me to focus on the building out of a real solution to my ongoing problem at home of being able to watch the media I want to, when I want to.

What really surprised me is that I opted not to build out a Linux Media Center (this has long been a source of frustration for me) but to go with the Windows Media Center that comes with Windows 8.  I gave it a whirl in a Virtual Machine over the weekend and the improvements from the days of XP and Vista are noticeable so I figured what the heck.

So, what is going to become of this wonderful Media Center?  Well there will eventually be a need for me to be able to focus on all the big things in my life, like the returning to school (I have signed up for several courses over the next several months as I strive to build out what Krispy 2.0 will look like).

For those who are wondering how things are going with the two week experiment with no Google…stay tuned for tomorrow!



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