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The Value of LinkedIn, Netflix Traffic and Google Docs offline

A whirlwind of technology news this week made it quite difficult to pick 3 things to look to today but I was able to narrow it down.

The Facebook-for-work went public yesterday and became the biggest US Internet IPO since Google in 2004.  It also became the 5 biggest Internet IPO of all time raising $352.8 million dollars.  In the Wall Street Journal commentary by Evan Newmark looked to the Business Social Network with some jaded eyes and I can not really blame him.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think that LinkedIn is a great tool for connecting with my clients (My Profile) but would I ever in a million years pay $45 for a tiny piece of this company…

Netflix jumped ahead of BitTorrents for total Bandwidth used so it is no wonder that Cable and Satellite companies are getting a little worried.  Sandvine recently released it Spring 2011 Internet Traffic Report (.pdf download) and in the report it states that Netflix and its “unlimited plans” for the consumption of Movies, TV Shows and Documentaries now accounts for 22.2% of all U.S. Broadband Traffic compared to BitTorrent’s 21.6%.

As a subscriber to Netflix I can see the appeal as I run it through my Wii and can get access to a surprisingly large library of content here in Canada (I only wish that Hulu would open its access here).  Now really what does this all mean?  The world of Real Time Entertainment is upon us.  As consumers we are tired of the status quo of paying far too much for our cable and a life of a 22 minute Sitcom taking a full 30 minutes to watch because there are too many commercials!  The problem is…here in Canada at least…our Internet is controlled by our TV Content Providers (namely Bell and Rogers) and Usage Caps can be a real pain (if you have them…I don’t).

Finally, Google Docs is going to release an offline apps edition!  In an interview with CNet, Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice President of Chrome stated “We’ve all been using it internally.  It’s imminent.  We want to make sure they’re good.”

This on the heals of the ChromeOS and the partnership with Acer and Samsung may be the biggest thing to push ChromeOS into wider usage.  The Google Bubble may have just grown a little bigger.  If you have a GMail account try out Google Docs, for on the go quick editing nothing beats it for speed and ease.

2 thoughts on “The Value of LinkedIn, Netflix Traffic and Google Docs offline

  1. The reason to buy part of Linkedin is to sell your part…presently worth over 100 bucks a share. If you could get it when it started at 45 bucks you would have made quite a profit. It's interesting that social networking has declined as a percentage of total internet usage. Love the blog! Keep it up.

  2. Thanks KyleM,much appreciated and as the first person to comment you are the winner of my undying Tech Sales Guy and well…I will give you the opportunity to choose the topics for my Rant Next Thursday. Shoot me an email at krispy at

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