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There is a Battle Brewing…and It May Turn into an All Out WAR!

We have all seen the power plays in the Mobility Space.  Fingers being pointed from one company to another about who owns what patent and what shape a Smartphone or Tablet should be, but if you thought 2012 was a challenging year to keep up with when it comes to the fast and furious Mobile Device War…hold onto your hat…2013 is likely gonna be a whole lot more interesting!

Right now there really is three phones leading the way as far as being truly cutting edge and battling for the hearts and minds of today’s mobile computing Geek.  Those three phones account for more than 55 million units sold in 2012 so what are the Big three?

  • The iPhone 5 with its elongated screen, Apple Maps getting 1000’s of people lost and the cult of Mac drooling over what the Post-Jobs idea farm will pump out next not to mention the rendering of 1000’s of accessories obsolete!
  • The Samsung S3 with its monster screen, slick Android Interface and sleek “this is not Apple” styling and form and function that is well just right.
  • The love child of Microsoft and Nokia the Lumia920 with its innovative User Interface, distinct post Zune styling and compatibility with the next generation of Microsoft Stuff.

The real question though is what can we expect in 2013?  Will Research In Motion make a come back with its new gadget running the new Blackberry 10 OS?

Will the FirefoxOS be officially launched and become a viable alternative to the big 4 Mobile OS world?

Will Ubuntu for Android finally take off now that Canonical has setup a one click install…or can we expect to see a manufacturer like Motorola unveil a new partnership to make WebTop something usable?

Will Apple continue to dominate, or have they peaked and are heading for decline?  A new iPad is set to be released in March 2013 and it looks like Apple is living up to its 6 month release schedule.

For me I really hope to see a bigger push to the PC+ concept of computing.  One that will allow me to dock a device both efficiently and without massive expense and be able to do more with the device I have with me at the time.

I am in the market to replace my iPad (have been since shortly after receiving it) and now I think with the Nexus7 and Nexus10 being very solid options…it might  be time to pull the trigger on my Jelly Bean Dreams.

2013 is going to be an interesting year though, with lots of shake ups, flops and battles around the globe.  Who will come out victorious…yeah like there will be a clear cut winner this soon!


Chris J Powell


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