Chris J Powell

Thoughts On Being a Human Pin Cushion

Recently I have had some surprising health challenges, namely an unexplained headache that lead to a collapse and a 10 hour ordeal at the hospital.  According to my daughter, I had no less than a half dozen seizures while in transit by ambulance and at the hospital.  While I no longer have the headache, I look at my body and wonder just what exactly these doctors and nurses did to me while I was there.

On my left arm, I have a bruise that runs from my upper bicep down well below where the 2nd IV was in and then on right arm a similar sized bruise that seems to be growing at an alarming rate and turning 5 different shades of purple.  On the back of my right hand, there is a substantial bruise, but this I could expect as the EMT got the first IV into me while the Ambulance was moving on the bumpy streets of London, Ontario.

What is most troublesome is the massive bruise on my chest.

I can say this, while this city I live in may have among the best hospitals in the province…I will never EVER go back to University Hospital.  This is not my first poor experience with this facility but it will be my last.

Sure I understand that doctors have to train somewhere but why in the name of all that is holy did I get the doctors that had the equivalent bedside manner of a 2 year old with a God Complex.  2 days after I discharged myself (yes that is right I walked out after one of the “quacks” tried to what I can only describe as trying to break my finger), I actually feel worse than I did when I was admitted, albeit in different ways.

I realize that walking out of a hospital without answers to what caused or may again cause the series of seizures and loss of consciousness but I have a very low tolerance for stupidity when it comes to people only doing a half assed job…in any profession.  What is worse, is I was assured by the “quacks” that a real doctor would be contacting me in the next couple of days but now 3 days later…not only do I not have any answers…for some reason it will now fall upon me to find out what they found out (if anything) and then take my treatment and further diagnosis to a hospital that I actually trust with my healthcare.



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