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Throwback Thursday – Tech that Time Forgot – Record Player

Music is something that I have always enjoyed, I have an eclectic taste that ranges from 50’s Blues, to 70’s Classic Rock to 90’s Grunge and beyond but over my 42 years the medium on which I listen to music has evolved greatly.  My first memories of listening to music was on a very old record player and driving my parents nuts with the request for the Sesame Street Album (especially Rubber Ducky and C is for Cookie).  That record player that sat in the sewing room of my childhood home brings back great memories of rainy days working on “crafty” projects with my mom and building Lego Cities.  That memory of times past though is about to return for me…I am in the market to get back into the vinyl record world!

I was out and about with my daughter a few weeks ago and saw one of these portable record players.  My only concern is whether or not this device would have the longevity that the record player of my youth had…and whether or not it would have survived the violence of 5 young boys with an over active thirst for familial battles.

At only $99 though, I think that it is a good compromise to focus a newly rekindled love of music and especially the investment a new hobby of collecting records and truly enjoying the slight imperfections that comes from listening to this recording medium.

Sure, I will still maintain my extensive MP3 Collection…but there is a real place for just sitting back, putting on a record, pulling down a book from the bookshelf and taking myself back in time to when I didn’t have so many external connections to the outside world.  Get lost in the fantasy…I think it might be time to take a small break from all this connectivity and get in touch with the things that really made me, me.

First thing to find when I do get a record player though is:




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