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Throwback Thursday – Tech the World has Lost – Part 6

From time to time on most of the Social Media Networks out there, there are Throwback images of Cassettes and Pencils bringing back memories of the days long before digital media made listening to music so easy.  This week I take a step back in time to 1983 when Cable TV first came to my home town in Mid-western Ontario.  Collectively we love our TV and our home was no different but with 5 young boys running around the house…the Channel Knob on the console TV that we had in the living room was taking a royal beating so when this week’s device came into our home, it ushered in a new concept…the Couch Potato!

The ability to change channels without having to get off our butts was an amazing option and allowed us to explore the 20+ TV Channels that we got in the new reality of having Cable (yeah that is right kiddies, there wasn’t always 200+ Channels with nothing on).

The wired “Clicker” is a far cry from the high tech remotes we have today but for us “simple folk” it was an amazing invention and for 11 year old Krispy…it fit right in with our Pong Game and ushered in a facination of the technological world that was starting to unfold around me.

Operation of this coffee table placed device was pretty simple.  You would press the button for the channel that you wanted and magically it would change the channel.  “Clicking” too fast though would mean that you would have two buttons stuck and it would confuse the TV and stick to the one channel.  To get to the higher channels (beyond those that were available from the Antenna that was attached to the outside of the house when I was little) you would use the dial on the right side to advance up to the next set of channels.

TV is truly one of my great enjoyments even if today I don’t see the value in paying the extortion level prices that the cable companies charge for the privledge of watching 40% Commercials and in my current life, I find myself faced like many people with a coffee table that may resemble this:


But for me…my future may be controlled entirely from my Smartphone…which unlike the remote that is needed for a particular function…I am never without.




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