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Throwback Thursday – Tech the World Has Lost – Part 8

As those who follow me on Social Media know, I have started on a quest to find the 17 year old Krispy that is trapped somewhere within the expanding “waste” line that has become my current life.  With all the changes going on in my life, I wanted to really look to a way to turn back the clock and get back to the me that I was and try to incorporate the me that is.  At 17 years old though, I did not have a super powerful computer to keep me stuck on my butt, I walked most places even though I had my own car and it was just easier to “pop in” at a friends place than it was to text or call so I was far more active.


The inspiration came from me finding some pictures of this 17 year old Krispy in a box.  I thought back through the 24 years that have passed and remembered many challenges, happy times and down right dark moments but I did come to the conclusion that I wanted to regain the pride that I had when taking these pictures:

Young Krispy 3 Young Krispy 2 Young Krispy

I had a single purpose back then.  Everything thing I had done for 12 years prior to this moment was in preparation for graduation from Basic Training.  At 17 I knew very little of the cruel realities of life but I already had 2 years of full time employment under my belt and was itching to serve my country.

As I eluded to, the world of the 1980’s and 1990’s were far simpler than it is today.  I drove a 1980 Oldsmobile Delta 88, worked semi full time at a local Coffee Shop and served my country for a short time in the Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada (until a knee injury forced me out of the military before my career really began).  We were not all connected 5 ways from Sunday and I lived in a small town so I could get anywhere I wanted to by foot or by bicycle in a short amount of time.


In fact, I loved to go for long bike rides.  Even though I had a car, I remember quite fondly going to visit a friend who lived 20+ km away and I would hop on my CCM 10 speed and head out for the day and then while there we would go hiking and exploring the country concessions for the entire day and before it got dark I would pedal myself home.  It was not uncommon for me to put 60-70 km on this old school bike that I rode since I was 13 and come home ready for sleep.

Fast forward 24 years and I see myself with an expanding waist line, health that has its ups and downs and the prospective of taking 41 years of baggage into the quest to find a new life and hopefully someone to share it with.

I went out looking for a bike.  I checked the many local bicycle shops here in London, ON and to my surprise, the entry level for a Street Bicycle is almost as much as the purchasing of a used car and that to me just doesn’t make sense.  I flipped over to Kijiji and went looking for something cheap (which has become my new mantra) and found something that I thought I had lost forever.  9 years ago I had gone through a “health” kick and was riding a bike back and forth to my call centre job until it got stolen from the parking garage…and here was the same style bike online for just $40…that is 1 week of putting gas in the car, 2 weeks of bus tickets and being cheap…I figured what the heck…do it

my new bike

Into my third week, the technology differences between this and my 10 speed from 25 years ago are vast…but I actually want to go old school with my return to healthy living so I will continue the quest and look for an old school street bike that I will restore and rebuild to modern standards.

The tech of modern bikes is amazing…from Alloy or Composite Frames (weighing almost nothing) to advanced disk brakes and 7000 gears to choose from…I think that I was healthy because I took a simpler route.  Combining this fundamental idea with the modern conveniences available to us now…I think I could probably put together a platform that I will be able to zip around town in for under $200 (which is a far cry from the starting point of $700 for a hybrid bike).  Combine this with some Dumb Bells, Sit Ups and “Long Walks in the Park” and I think that going “un tech” and getting back to who I was 24 years ago will not only be possible…it will happen.

I have the Before Picture taken…stay tuned for August 1 when I look to posting a 3 month update to the quest to find 17 year old Krispy!



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