Time for a little Introspection

This marks my 100th Post since starting down the path of 6+ Blog Posts per week.  I had pondered long and hard about what I would do as a post to commemorate this milestone in my part time career and I thought that I would take a page from some of my favorite history books and take a look back at all the different Posts and then lay out a bit of a road map to the future for you.


I look back to April 24, 2011 as a time that I really came out of a shell and a culmination of my own transformation at work that I had again found my stride.  I had looked to how I could leverage the 10 hours per day I spend in the office into something that I can do for my clients and colleagues the other 14 hours in the day and figured that without giving up sleep, the only thing I could do is start to build the brand of ME.


I setup a posting schedule right from the start that everyone I talked to said would be far to difficult to maintain.  I was going to post once per day at least 6 days per week on 6 different topics.  In case you missed the first 99, here are how they break out:

Personal Improvement ( Mondays)

Linux (Tuesdays)

Enterprise IT (Wednesdays)

  • The Mobile Work Place
  • The Social Business and the Business of Social
  • The Double Edged Sword of Collaboration
  • Mobile Management…Do YOU need a helping hand?
  • IT Roles Get a Boost – Part 4
  • IT Roles Get a Boost – Part 3
  • IT Roles Get a Boost – Part 2
  • IT Roles Get a Boost – Part 1
  • Know Your Role!
  • Social Media and the Enterprise where does IT fit in?
  • Browser Wars….who is winning the hearts and minds for internet usage?
  • EA: The Holy Grail or The Holy Handgrenade???
  • Tugging at your Desktop’s Heartstrings
  • Does your Data Need to survive the Apocolypse?
  • How big is the Internet???
  • Rushing to market…good strategy or doomed to failure???
  • In the Forecast….a lot of Cloud Part 2
  • In the forecast….a lot of “Cloud” Part 1
  • IT Scavenger Hunt

The Rants (Thursdays)

Consumer Technology (Fridays)

Other (The things that make me go hmmmm)


I look back at my collective works and with just a little bit of pride I think I have done a pretty good job.  At work I am with some regularity complimented both by my colleagues and clients on my latest post.  I have found the 1 hour that I spend each morning penning together my take on different topics invigorating and I truly look forward to the next 100 posts.


Leave me a comment, shoot me an email, connect with my via the many, many different Social Channels that I try to maintain and most of all…HAVE A GREAT DAY!


Chris J Powell


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