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Time for Changes

This past week has been vastly different for me thanks to everyone from around the globe who have taken time out of their day to read my posts, follow me on twitter and look to the links that I connect you to in my posts.  The image below is something that is becoming wildly fun to witness.  I built it by simply going to www.wordle.netand letting it scan the blog…pretty interesting…go try it!

iday marked the end of what seemed like an incredibly long week and I really needed the downtime to relax and recuperate.  Saturday is my one “non-post day” and I spent the entire day out with my family.  It was nice to disconnect with everything but my family.

Now Change is something that is inevitable for each and every one of us but we all have different ways of managing that change on a personal level.  For myself I like to think I am pretty good about change but often fight it as much as the next person but with my riding the wave that has become my life in 2011 I have have to focus on molding myself to the changes around me rather than chiseling away what is me as change affects me!

A couple of months ago the entire family jumped into the realm of getting healthy and we all joined the Gym but I have had a bit of a loosing battle with headaches that have prevented me from going (and as I am the driver…the family has fallen back into bad habits). But we have all agreed that we have goals and targets that are going by the wayside because we have not continued with our commitment!

That is the funny thing about change…we all know that we need to make changes that will benefit us.  Sometimes it is a change in jobs, others changing an address and others a change in marital status…for me I see it a little different.  Time is a commodity that we can not make more of so we must manage it as a finite resource.

Less TV (oh my…that will be hard), Less Food on the plate (I will miss you extra baked potato), More Focus (at home to my wife and daughter – at work to my clients and colleagues) but most importantly I must become a little selfish and put 7 hours into my week that I am at the gym!  I love the release that I find as a wrap up for the day and to prepare and focus for the next.

Now today is Mother’s Day…a day that will be spent with my Wife and Daughter but no contact, connection or reflection with my own Mother.  I reflect back and wonder what happened with my own family that I am now an island with no connection to my brothers and parents.  Is it because I am stubborn…you betcha…is it because they are stubborn…no doubt.  Will there be a  reconciliation?  I don’t think so.  Change is not something that my family accepts too well so I will venture forward and not look back.

Now for the big change for me this week…www.chrisjpowell.comwill be getting a massive facelift today and will expand from just a landing page to a full fledged site.  Join me on my journey and I look forward to hearing some comments from you!

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