Chris J Powell

Today is My Labour Day

For the almost 42 years that I have been blessed with the honour to walk this rock we all call home I have never really said to my Mom how much I appreciate how much she has done for me.  On July 12, 1972 she “spit” me out and I took my first breath so I look at today as my Labour Day as this was the day that I decided it was time to start thinking to come out and stay a while!


Most people would pay tribute to Mom on the Second Sunday in May when conventionally the world says it is Mother’s Day but I have decided that from this day forward, for me at least…July 11th will be my day to pay a special tribute to my Mom.

She is a really special person who has had more than her fair share of challenges and struggles over the years…many of which have been made by being a Mom to 5, small town boys who were and some may say are far from Angels.

Mom, I love you!

You never stopped believing in any one of us, no matter how wrong some of our decisions may have been.

This past year has not been easy for you and the coming weeks and months are going to be just as challenging but know this…with out you…I would not be the man I am today!

You did good…while I may be a bit worn out around the edges (like the photo above) you are never far from my thoughts and I know that you are always here for me just as I am for you.

Happy Labour Day Mom!




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