Chris J Powell

Today, Tomorrow…Forever

In many ways I have shifted my world view to something more of a short term forecast of my own destiny.  No longer do I plot and plan grand 5 year plans…and while I do see the value in the big picture, for far too long I was beholden to this future that I had painted for myself.  This grand artwork of Planning, Budgeting and Goal Setting served me well for many years but I lost sight of some very important parts of myself and of those around me and for that I can not apologize enough.


Don’t get me wrong here…I am not in any way saying that Goals should not be set forth…I am saying that keeping the focus not on the long term plan but on the near term and adjusted not only with great frequency but also in smaller more bite sized pieces.

I fell victim to the lure of the big prize at the end of the race.  The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  The carrot at the end of the stick but recently I really noticed that I had stopped looking at life from a perspective that I could live in the moment and truly enjoy the things that I have.

My grand reset of my life has forced this new perspective (or maybe it is the extreme reduction in lifestyle that I face living with less than 50% of my income last year) and I will no longer take for granted the joys that I experience in the here and now.  My Goal Setting Routine now actually has far more focus on near term achievements…never much longer that a few weeks out…will I change to a longer term view of the future…maybe but for now…I find myself living in the moment much more and when I take time to smell the roses…it is a joy and a pleasure and not at the expense of a greater Goal.

My new life, while vastly different than my old, does bring me happiness and with that…it is time to head off and take care of a few things before I commit to a Saturday in the Office!




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