Chris J Powell

Ubuntu Release Day

So Thursday will be release day of the latest version of my beloved Ubuntu.

For those who are not familiar with Ubuntu, it is a Linux Operating System that has a regular (EVERY 6 months) release date.  With 11.04 also known as Natty Narwhal there have been some dramatic upgrades.  Gone is the familiar Gnome Interface and is replaced with a new Interface called Unity.  Unity has been around for a while in the Netbook Remix version of Ubuntu and has become a familiar companion on my 7″ Netbook and my daughter’s 10″ Netbook.

Also with Natty comes a refresh on Ubuntu One a free Cloud File Storage, Banshee Media Player has replaced Rythmbox (which is one of the updates I always did in previous releases), and Open Office has been replaced by LibreOffice.

The OS has ran smooth for me on my Netbook since Alpha 2 but on April 28, 2011 it will be available as a fully supported release.  For more on Ubuntu go to

Cheers and Enjoy.

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