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WebApp Wednesday – Social Ease

I have had my ups and downs and backwards turns when it comes to using Social Media.  When working in Sales it was a daily go to, building and strengthening the connections and keeping alerted the the wants and needs of my customers and prospective customers.  The most important thing that I learned from 3 1/2 years of leveraging Social Media in a professional manner is speak with one voice…switching from Personal Krispy to Work Krispy and back and forth…well that doesn’t work.  Be WHO you are and the that will come out in all of your social posts.

That being said though, now that I am not in Sales and in fact I am searching the open job market for anything to do, I find myself reaching back to Social Media and realizing that I really need to reconnect and rebuild the relationships as well as foster new ones if I am to make a real go at building a brighter tomorrow for myself and my family.

Upon diving back into the world of Social Media Monitoring I took a real hard look at my different Social Channels, mainly the big three that I have the most activity with – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  I connect all three to this blog so this content is pretty much always on all three sites but that concept of a single message….it is tough.

There are many ways to send out your message on Twitter that is for darn sure, with Tweetdeck, Janeeter…there are dozens of options but what I want is a way that will enable me to put a value to the efforts that I am putting into getting the “Krispy” name out there.

Back in the day there were a few options out there with Klout, Kred and a few others…heck at one point I was addicted to the monitoring of my scores and would have alerts coming to my phone with every minute change.  With age comes maturity and same with the apps themselves. has matured into more than just a measurement tool, and now includes some interesting ways to build and engage those who follow you.

Daily it makes recommendations on who you should follow and even better it lets you schedule some content sharing.  Now personally I read everything that I am sharing as I hate the world of Click Bait that we have all succumbed to once or twice (or more) in the past so if you see a post come from one of my feeds it is my own endorsement of the content as something that I find interesting…now that does not mean that I agree with it…but I find it interesting enough to share it.

Klout still does it measurements though and while Influence is far more important (and I would completely agree), it is interesting to note that it now connects:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • a Facebook Page
  • (Google Blog)
  • Flickr
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • FourSquare
  • Tumblr
  • Yammer

All these different networks and the posts, likes, shares and tweets to build out what your overall Social Influence is and in turn make recommendations for you on how to manage, maintain and multiply that influence across multiple channels.

For me, I took a major knock in my overall score a while back because I closed out many of my Social Profiles when I did my grand Reset.  At its peak way back in 2011-2012 I remember my Klout Score being in the mid 70s…now I am sitting at a 46…so it gives me something to goal towards.

Klout also provides access to what they call Perks, which are personalized offers that are built around how and what you have influence with…so many of my options are tech related.  I get things like cheap Office 365 (with a free domain) from, 60 day subscription to NextIssue and offers to buy discounted Sony Camera.  If tech doesn’t float your boat though…there are other categories that you can choose from…some things are free, others deeply discounted and your business has the option of adding Perks to this list as well.

If you have never looked to what your true “influence is” I would strongly suggest that you connect your profiles to Klout and take a look.  You can see my profile at:

There also a mobile app available (for both Android and iOS) that can help you, your business or your brand dominate the world of Social Influence.  Now it is important to note that this app, just like the Social Networks it connects to is free…but that does not mean that you do not have to actually do some work to make all the connections build and have influence.  If you don’t maintain a vigilant watch on how your influence interacts with your followers…well things change in the world of Social Media…very fast.

Cheers and have a great Wednesday!


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