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WebOS lives on…as Open Source Project

On Thursday I posted that HP will be running a final fire sale on the HP TouchPad but the underlying issue about these devices would be…how would they live on.  Well WebOS that powers not only the TouchPad but the Palm handhelds – the Pixie, the Pre (1, 2 and 3) will gain a second life with the WebOS being declared Open Source.  With that fire sale happening, and the OS now in Open Source…I may just trade in my iPad for the glory of a truly open platform!


But the real question is, what does this mean to Android?  In my opinion…not much but it does mean that there is now an alternative for those hardware manufacturers out there that are looking for a mature, stable OS for their devices and don’t like the move made by Google with its purchase of Motorola or just can’t stand the floundering on a again off again push with Windows Phone.


The really nice thing about WebOS from what I have played around with and with the SDK is that being very Web Centric, development for the platform is really quite easy.  HP had done a great job in documenting and providing support but did not build the rich infrastructure of Apps before going hog wild in the Tablet Space.  We must remember that the first SmartPhones were made by the original guardian of the WebOS and Palm did a great job in making the transition for PDA’s to Phones…good enough in fact to attract the attention of HP who bought them in April 2010 for $1.2 BILLION


No confirmed timeline was set out by HP and it is not been announced as to which form of OS Licensing will accompany the release of the Source Code but for me…this is rather exciting…I think I might just jump on Kijiji and eBay and see if I can pick one up.


Cheers and have a great weekend everybody.


Chris J Powell

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