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Wedding Bells are Sounding

This week has been a bit of a wild ride for me.  Both my full time job and my fledgling part time business are really starting to take off and my focus has been on further developing the skills I need to succeed at both endeavours.  The reality is that much of my waking day is spent learning, developing and implementing technology improvements and design elements into the things that I do.

To top things off, this week I crossed a bridge that I really didn’t think would happen…less than 50 days until I get married to the most amazing woman I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

We will be transforming our back yard into an “eat, drink and be married” theme that really focuses on the blending of our two families.  With a small guest list of just over 50, the stress and anxiety from planning this has weighed heavily on both my fiance and myself but we seem to be adjusting well to this new reality.

Stay tuned as a new website will be going up later this week for those lucky few that will get the “access code” to unlock the wedding adventure we will be taking.



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