What are Memjet Printers?

There has been more than a few recent reports in the explosion of Digital Images and how we document our lives more than ever before in history with Facebook being the world leader in Photo Storage with an average of 250 million images uploaded per day!  This is  great, we can share our lives with our friends and families and look back at the fond memories of a Daddy’s Day Out but what if we want to have the Tactile Feel of having a real 4 x 6 or larger printed picture?  Nearly all of us have some form of printer that for the most part collects dust and is used only when it is needed, to print photos it burns through ink like a ’67 Cuda burns through a tank of gas and well it is slow as crap.  That day is about to change…FOREVER!

LG and Lenovo have now partnered with a revolutionary print technology called MemJet.  What is this and what does it mean to you the consumer with 2 TB of photos backed up on a mixture of DVDs, CDs and 3 or 4 external HDD?  Well, let me tell you it means that you can achieve the same great quality images that you would get from going to a PhotoLab at home and it is FAST.  I located a comparison test on the www.memjet.com website that pits the fledgling technology against some of its common competitors:

MemJet vs. HP Color LaserJet

MemJet vs. Canon Color Inkjet

MemJet vs. Brother Mono LaserJet

Now when I first heard about this technology a few months ago I thought that it was yet another pipe dream and we would likely never see the day when 60 pages per minute in full color was possible but that day is now here. Lenovo and LG have released their first consumer printers in China and South Korea respectively and it is expected that we will see both Consumer Grade and Professional Grade options coming soon here in North America.


My big question though is when you are pumping out 60 pages per minute…what is the ink consumption like? One would think that this would mean that doing a couple of moderate Print Jobs and off to Staples of Office Max you go but according to the sources that I have been able to locate, MemJet is claiming to have the lowest Total Cost of Ownership on the market for its ink (which is a pretty strong statement considering that Kodak flipped the model on its ear a couple of years ago). So how can a printer designed to print Full Color at 60 PPM cost you less than your current ink thirsty HP or Canon that sits on the shelf in your home office now?


Well, the MemJet Technology features 3000 Patents, has 70,000 Jets to “inject the ink” so that millions of drops of ink shoot onto the page every second. Another amazing tidbit is that the Print Does not move…no more shaking your printer stand, just one single pass and voila instant color!


It will be interesting to see what the HP’s, Canons and Brother’s do to compete against this new comer.  Now for me…the challenge will be getting drivers for this wonderful new technology.  If it isn’t Linux Compatible out of the box…it ain’t coming home with me.


Well that is it for me…a relaxing morning and then off to Football Practice to prepare for the big game tomorrow.




Chris J Powell

Posted on September 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

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