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What is coming next in a Post PC Era?

With the release of by all accounts the underwhelming “New iPad” or iPad 3 or iPad HD…I really don’t know what Apple wants us to call this but it is new, the display is reportedly awesome with its true HD capabilities but what comes next in this world of Post PC computing? 


Tablets and mobile phones are great as they allow us to take computing to entirely new places…I never used to take a laptop or heaven forbid my desktop to the bath room with me.  We are now faced with an absolute, always on, always connected lifestyle that has all of the collective information of the world at our finger tips.  We can post our location on Facebook or Foursquare at basically anytime and anyplace.  We can provide a mobile update to Enterprise Applications from anywhere and connect with our colleagues through and LinkedIn.  Blog Posts and general status updates can be pushed through in real time via a 3G or 4G connection and we are never completely turned off or tuned out.

I in many ways love the way that this connectivity allows me to be connected with the things that are important to me but at the same time the lack of “downtime” makes me long for my youth when there was not the Internet, Cell Phones weighed a Tonne and needed to have an external power source and the iPad 1 was a pen and an notebook! 

The future of our connectivity will go light years ahead of what we have today and to pretend that other than near term we have the answers is laughable but Science Fiction is rapidly becoming Science Fact and it is hard to ignore the fact that Mobile Computing is changing everything.  2012 is going to see a massive shift that will forever change the future of the Laptop / Desktop market and I for one am not looking forward to moving away from the comfort of having a 6 Drive, 8 Core, 16GB beast at my side to allow me to do what I want, when I want. 

I can tell you that I am looking forward to the first iterations of an Ubuntu for Android device making it to the market and the opportunity that that presents is quite impressive.  The Android and iOS computing environments are more about the consumption of information that has been created not about the actual creation and manipulation of that information.  The concept of a full desktop OS sharing space on a Smart Phone is impressive and could be a cause for me to break away from leveraging the MonstaPuter!

Windows8 is an unknown right now though.  In a Post PC era I think that Microsoft may just have a winner and could potentially edge past Android for #2 spot…but I see one major hurdle…it sucks on the desktop experience!  I would NEVER be able to use Windows8 comfortably without a lot of tweaking.  What works for the mobile computing space (Smart Phone / Tablet) does not translate well onto the big screen.  Metro as a Desktop User Interface is not ready for game time and the strategy to have a unifying environment across the 3.5” screen to the 27” screen of computing is a massive error in judgement.

I had played around with the Developers Edition of Windows8 for about 2 months trying it out for common computing tasks and while the applications worked fine, and in general most of my time was not spent with Metro…the thought of returning to it even just for a moment to get to the next application was painful. 

What will life be like in a Post PC Era.  Much the same as it is today just with more ways to connect, faster interpretations and a complete lack of privacy when it comes to our online presence.  I am starting to think that becoming a Luddite might just not be such a bad idea…and then a think…I would have to give up all modern technology and think…that is not going to happen!

Well that is it for me.  It is Monday, the clocks have “sprung ahead” and I am ready for what the week may have in store for me…I think.


Chris J Powell

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