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What Next

I have been sitting here staring at the screen wondering what I should do with not only my life but with this online persona of Krispy that I have built over the past several years.  You see when I made my post about Observations of a Pedestrian Commuter on Thursday, I was struck not by just one but by two cars on my way to work.  I have been seriously thinking about my own mortality and what I should really do with my life moving forward.  I am at a perplexing cross-road in my life.  I can turn right, left or go straight ahead and I just don’t know which path will lead me to the best future.

The way I see it, no path that I take moving forward is going to be easy.  In fact I actually hope that I never find that “easy street” because what is the fun in being handed everything without having to earn it…but at this point in my life, as I face the facts and start my life over again with the grand reset that has happened I am looking at my future with the eyes of a mature adult, and the options of a much younger man, with out any boundaries in my way.

So, I sit back and I think about what I should be doing with my life and how Krispy’s Bytes will play into that.

As I prepare to limp my way to work for a couple of hours I can’t help but wonder, if I turn right or left…or in fact just keep going straight ahead, what will tomorrow look like?

I guess that is the great thing about arriving at a cross-road…the opportunities of paths unexplored are great.

Happy Saturday!


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