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What people will do to prove they have their inner Geek on and the Social Media is filled with some funny ducks

While the title only has two of my usual three rant topics I found two completely out there items on the interwebs that I think will prove that 1 can become 2! Now channeling the inner Geek within us is something that is not foreign to me, I wear my love of Ubuntu on my arm like a badge of courage with a fairly extensive tattoo of the various distributions that came forth from my beloved ‘buntu.

I first observation on the web though really took it to the next level. A woman in the Netherlands really and truly takes her friendships seriously as she got a tattoo of the profile pictures of 152 of her Facebook friends.

This is just one more step down the evolutionary chain as we enter into the newly evolved Homo Stultus and we are just a few steps away from the downgrade to Homo Cerebrum Non. Now as it turns out this was not a real tattoo and despite a full YouTube video being posted by the Tattoo Artist it was just a transfer like the ones our kids beg us for from the dollar store but as it has been pointed out…our culture is actually naming our kids Like and Facebook so I am starting to think that we are running not walking backwards down the evolutionary trail.

The second Inner Geek item that left me scratching my head and thinking “do I really need a piece of new tech this bad” comes to us from China.

Now I must say that I would do a lot of things to be able to get my hands on some technology and now that I have an iPad2 I really can say that I don’t know what I did before it but according to “The 17-year-old man surnamed Zheng, a freshman in high school, got connected with a kidney-selling agent through the internet, who pledged to pay him 20,000 yuan ($3,084.45 ) for one of his kidneys.”

What did he use his new found wealth…he bought an iPad2 and an iPhone and headed home only to get questioned by mom and then turned over to the police. The hospital denies having done the surgery and the organ brokers are conveniently not answering their phones but I must say…WOW!!!!

Last and not least on my rants about the things that I found interesting this week was a new site that I came across I have never been one to get overly creative with my Job Title, usually because the one that is given to me is much easier to remember than one that describes what my job actually is but in the world of Social Media there are some very interesting ones out their. According to the list, in no particular order with my comments added to the right:

1. Web Alchemist – Really…turning the web into gold…I want that intern position!!!

2. Head of Interactions – Interactions??? I thought the definition was a mutual or reciprocal action or influence???

3. Ant Colony Forman – What’s next cat herders in IT???

4. Chief People Herder – Will CPH be the new seat in the board room crammed between the CMO and the COO?

5. Chatter Monkey – This one is funny as we were just talking about hiring some monkeys to do our email responses at work yesterday

6. Community Data Guerrilla – Oh great…we get Osama and now we have to battle Data Guerrilla’s

7. Social Media Guru – Oh Swami what will the future of my blog be

8. Social Media Swami –
I guess this guy couldn’t make it up to the level of a Guru

9. Public Happy Maker
– Didn’t Pewee Herman get arrested for making a Publc Happy Maker???

10. Social Media Evangelist –
And praise be to the Twitter Gods

11. Social Media Rockstar – Not buying that album…maybe I can find it for free using .torrent???

12. Social Media Missionary – great…first they bring small pox to the Aboriginal Peoples and now they are gonna spread viruses through Facebook!!!

Now creativity and job title license with your LinkedIN profile is all fine and good but come on…bring it down a notch and live in the real world…10,000 tweets does not make you a Rock Star and I can’t speak for my colleagues but I WON’T BE HERDED!

Cheers and have a great day.

Chris J Powell

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