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Well April is upon us.  That means that in just 3 weeks I have been at this little Social Media Experiment for 1 year.  Anniversaries are a time for reflection and planning for the future and while I am happy with the success of the Blog itself and the overall features that have come out of my move away from WordPress there are some things that seem to be calling me back to the “dark side”. 


I only say dark side because I have never been one who did things the same way that everyone else did so making the transition over to the Habari Project seemed like a great idea until I started to have to do many of the things that were automatically done for me with WordPress by hand.  Being feature rich is not something that I thought I needed in a CMS until I stripped this Blog to its core and changed how everything was being done.

During the evaluation process back in January I looked at many different alternatives to WordPress that would work with my Host.  I am asking for your help on making the next transition of Krispy’s Rants.  I have some ideas of where I want to go with the site and some new extensions of what I do with this site and I do know that if I want to go down the path that I am thinking of, Habari will not be able to handle that change.

Here are my options as I see them, with some of the logic behind my decision:

  1. Return to WordPress: While this is not really what I want to do, it seems like it might just be the most logical option for me.  The scale and quality of the plugins, documentation and scalability of the CMS is solid.  I miss some of the features and I know the plugins that work for me.   I even got pretty good at theming the CMS at the end so it would be the easiest to transition back to.  The negatives to making the return…everybody uses WordPress and I really like the idea of being against the grain when it comes to the way that I put myself out there.
  2. Leverage the power of Drupal: Near and dear to my heart, Drupal is where I cut my teeth in CMS Systems.  I love the depth and level of Plugins and while the learning curve can be steep, I get structure, the layout and the options to extend beyond “just another blog”.   Because it is a true CMS I would need to invest some time in filling out the site much more than just having my daily posts and that will mean a substantial commitment.  The Negatives of the move to Drupal…a very manual porting of over 300 Blog Posts, images and other content from different sources…as I mentioned, to make this move I need to be prepared to make Krispy’s Rants more than just a Blog!
  3. Joomla! as an option?: Elegant yet complex, many of the same issues that I have with Drupal ring true with Joomla!.  I have enjoyed my time with this CMS but never really got the concept behind it in general.  Joomla! has some great plugins and a strong community but has become very commercialized over the years and has lost some of its edge.
  4. Go Super Simple with Get Simple: I toyed with the idea of diving into this system during the fleshing out process of options when I made the move to Habari.  Simplicity has its advantages and if the site was to be nothing more than a Blog then this would be a simple no brainer but I do want more from Krispy’s Rants than just a Blog…but there are some pretty solid plugins available…my problem is the scalability and long term stability of the platform itself…can I keep the lights on as the site continues to grow EVERY DAY?
  5. Re-evaluate the lesser known CMS options: Concrete5 is still an option, but so is Wolf CMS, PivotX CMS, SilverStripe, Contao, and ModX.  As you can see I am truly torn.  The lesser known options have their own strengths but none offer the depth of the bench that the first 3 options have. 

I really just don’t know what will be the next step for Krispy’s Rants.  I want to kick off year two with a bang so I have just over 3 weeks to have things built out and the real decision made.  I really don’t want to keep changing things around, but I really thought that Habari was going to cut it.  The lack of support and challenges in getting the site picked up by Google Analytics or integrating some of the features that I found so easy in the past make it hard for me to continue to circle the drain in hopes of regaining the connections that I had when with WordPress.

Stay tuned…April 24 is set to be a big, big day for Krispy’s Rants!


Chris J Powell

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