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What was the Google Barge???

In looking through the tombs that are the Interwebz this morning I caught wind that the mysterious Google Barge Project had for some reason been scrapped before either of the units were completed.  The conspiracy theorist in me can see why these strange contraptions raised a bit of a stir but when the hype was in full swing I honestly let things slide until such time as I got more and more involve in the Internet Freedom Movement and started to wonder if the reported use (a Floating Technology Demonstration Centre) was true of if this could have had a more nefarious reason for existing.


Some questions really start to creep into my mind…if it was a Technology Demonstration Center like it was being touted, and Google was indeed the actual owner, then why would they hide its purpose from the public and why would they construct it under a shell company called Buy N’ Large (from the movie WALLe).

Back in 2009, Google filed a Patent for a Water Based Data Center.  The fact that this would be a self contained and for the most part self sufficient concept that would allow Google to move away having to be directly linked to any nation and effectively be able to moor itself just outside the International Border of nearly any country…why would they say it was something that it was not?  Or was it just what they said it was?

The 2 partially completed complexes have been sold now though so the true nature of what was going to be the true nature of these floating GooglePlexes may never be known but I have to wonder…was this meant to be the next generation of a partnership between Google and the NSA?  Has the United States of America finally moved down the path to become the “Incorporated States of America” and the line between public and private ownership is now so completely blurred that the Mega Corporations of today are now truly running the show completely and the illusion of choice and democracy are now over?

Well, it is something that would make a very interesting story…and as I start thinking about diving into a world of Near Future Science Fiction…I think this could be a great plot to my first Novel…or not.

Well as my weekend gets ready to kick off, I need to wrap up my last day of the week and prepare for the meat coma that is sure to happen tomorrow as I take in London’s Ribfest in full force!



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