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What Would You Do with a Million Dollars – Part 1

A couple of years ago I put a lot of thought into what I would do if someone handed me a Million Dollars and said spend it all within one month on the things you want…not what you need.  This exercise was interesting and a bit of a challenge as I have always had relatively simple tastes as I strive to live within my means.  When I wrote that series though, I was in a very different place than I am in today so I figured it was time for a revisit of this little fantasy.

As I look at all that I have, for the most part I feel satisfied that I have what I need, but if I was ever to be lucky enough to be given the opportunity to blow through a Million Dollars on the stuff I want…I think that I could actually successfully complete the task.  This time around I am going to be relatively selfish but at the same time, knowing that once the money is gone, it will be up to me to maintain the new lifestyle that the “stuff” would bring will be important.

Breaking the things I want into 5 main categories will also let me part this out into a 5 part series so stay tuned as I complete my wish list.

The first category will be transportation.  When I looked to this topic the last time, I saw myself in a Ford Raptor Truck…for me this is not really a practical option as I have grown to love my little car.  I looked at a metric tonne of vehicles over the past few days ranging from the newest version of my Ford Fiesta, to the offerings from Chevy, Nissan, Toyota and beyond and nothing really stood out at me as having the personality that I would want (although the 2017 Fiesta ST is a sweet little ride).  Having weighed all of my “compact car” options, I have chosen to make the move to a 2017 Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works model.  This will become my daily driver, getting me back and forth to work.

I used the Mini Cooper Website to build out a customized option list that is basically a super fully loaded Mini Cooper S that prices out at $49,526.09 but the customization is not quite finished as I think that beyond what the dealership can do with this car is great, I want to make the next 5 or 6 years of driving truly unique and dive a little deeper into the customization of this vehicle so that it is truly my own.  I was quite impressed by the amount of customization that I was able to do during the build out of the car and I really can’t think of anything else I would want to do to this car to make it more me than it already is straight from the dealer.

The Mini Cooper will be undeniably a fun car to drive, but with a Million Dollars to spend, there is a desire to have a “Weekend Fun Car” that I can take out and tour around with.  This is a bit more of a challenge to choose but after much thought and consideration, doing a fully customized “fun” vehicle is something that I could truly get behind.  Working for a chain of auto repair facilities means that I have direct access to getting as much customization done that I want so looking into the crystal ball of what would make me smile the most come Friday at 5 pm.

I think this would be some sort of Resto-mod that takes something truly classic and builds it into a “modern-classic”.  I love the look and feel of the 1931 Ford Roadster Pickup:

This particular vehicle was listed at for $32,900 USD but I would want it far more customized to me.  I talked with a couple of the service managers at work and did locate a base vehicle here in Canada so setting a budget of $65,000 for my own spin on this vehicle would not only make it my own…and would basically make everything that I could possibly want in the vehicle that from Friday to Sunday would be not only fun, but an eye catcher and allow me to go to car shows in style!

When it comes to getting from Point A, to Point B there is something about doing it with a sense of personal style and both of these vehicles will do this in spades and for the first day (although the building of ’31 Ford Roadster would likely take longer than a month to complete, I have spent $114,526.09.


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