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What you don't know…you don't know

In 2012 there is no more excuses for not making the investment in improving your own skill sets.  It really doesn’t matter what your job is today, chances are you will see a shift and change in either your role or your responsibilities in 2012.  The western world has seen a radical shift from a Structured Based Economy (making stuff) to a Knowledge Based Economy (knowing stuff) and the realization of this fundamental shift will be key for individual success.


With nothing more than the investment in a high speed internet connection, a cheap tablet and the investment of 1 hour per day anyone can improve the capacity of their knowledge and get better at the things that they want to do in life.  The investment of just 365 hours per year can reap tremendous returns for your abilities, your respect and for most of us…your pay check.

The reality is that just like working out, eating right or quitting smoking (the three most popular New Years Resolutions EVERY year) that the investment of just 1 hour is to big of a commitment for most people and the desire to get better drops off very quickly.  What people don’t realize is that you don’t have to do this all at once.  You can break up your investment into 20 minute chunks of time through out the day.  Read a Motivational Blog or Book in the morning, jump onto an industry  website during your lunch and before bed…invest another 20 minutes on another passion that you have.

I did not overnight get to the point that I read online and offline content 3 hours per day to get better both at my job a a Sales Guy but also to keep up to date with trending technologies.  This came over time.  You do have to really make a commitment to the bit if you are going to be successful at this which is why I spend the first hour of my day, EVERY DAY at this screen making the investment in Krispy’s Rants…it is now habit.

Check out my newly uploaded Reading List and see if anything interests you.


Sharing Knowledge

I am an information hound and absolutely love to hoard documents, whitepapers, tools and resources.  I try to read them all but there are only so many hours in the day and I currently have a backlog of about 300 Books, Research Notes and other resources that I am behind on.  But once I have taken in the information…I think it is important that as a part of a community (at work, at home and here on the web) I share the interesting things that I find.


Well…today is another day and as I venture off I wish you all the best.


Chris J Powell

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