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When is Big…Too Big

Android devices seem to be growing like a bad weed and after seeing an interesting advertisement yesterday for the largest “phone” available I was surprised to see that ASUS was not the only company looking to Supersize my smartphone.

The concept of supersizing phones may seem to some to be getting out of hand but I don’t really see it that way.  If I can do away with carrying a phone and a Tablet and have just one device…that is not necessarily a bad thing.  In looking at the “inflation” and growth of phones in recent months, had a great side by side comparison of some of the top phones on the market:

Thee Samsung Galaxy Mega in both 6.3 and 5.8 inch screens makes every other “super sized device look tiny in comparison but Samsung is not the only company expanding their line of phablets.

Asus has also released a new supersized phone that is 7” and would really be a replacement for a Tablet and Phone (and has me very strongly looking at it as my next device)…the ASUS Fonepad is intriguing as it has similar specs as the Nexus 7 but includes Phone Capabilities and what impressed me most…it has the new Intel Mobile Chip!!!


What will the future hold?  Will we see people walking around with iPad sized devices stuck to their ear or will the Google Glass Project take hold and we will see the opposite happen with extreme shift to Super Micro devices?


Chris J Powell


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