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Why I Can't Wait to Join the Lollipop Guild

Many people I know love their Mac’s and iPhone’s but for me…nothing suits my personality better than an Android Phone and a Linux Desktop.  Sure I begrudgingly use Windows, have owned an iPad but my Android Tablet (an Acer B1-710) and my Android Phone (currently a Nexus 4) have never let me down and I can’t wait for November 3, 2014 when the next iteration of Android is officially released.  Joining the Lollipop Guild and the new freedom and “Material Design” that is included is going to be magical…but what are those features that appeal most to me?

AndroidHaving had Android devices that range back to the Eclair Release in 2009, the impending release of Lollipop has some interesting features that I really do look forward to.  Topping the charts include:

  1. Device Setup and Sync: When the day comes for my next upgrade, it will be to another Lollipop device.  I am debating the Nexus 6 but also thinking that it might be time to give an HTC device a whirl, although the MotoX still has this interesting appeal to me…but the Sync setting will make it very easy for me to build a connection and restore all my apps with a single click when I do make the plunge and pick my phone from the ever growing list of choices.
  2. Multi-User: I don’t share my phone often but when I do, it is often with a young child (ie my nephew) who loves to play games…but he plays under my profile and tends to destroy the weeks of work I put into building the world that my Barbarians and Archers battle in on Clash of Clans.  Being able to switch over to the same account that he has at home would allow me to protect my village and still give him something to amuse himself with.
  3. Material Design: Windows had its time with Metro and the Flat UI, Mac did the same…but Android is taking a whole new approach to the way that its User Interface is built.  I grabbed the specifications and plan on incorporating the concept of Material Design into some upcoming web design projects that I am working on and I am intrigued but how rich and robust the look is, while reducing the drain and strain on the eye.
  4. Extra Battery Life: This is a problem for every modern Smartphone and one of the things I dislike about my Nexus 4 is that I can barely get 10 hours of life out of it while at work.  I find myself bringing along a charger everywhere I go (more than once I have been left with a dead battery when it just resides in my pocket for most of the day).  The reported 90 minute of power savings will be a big deal for me.
  5. User Configuration: I get so many alerts, notifications and requests for my attention throughout the day…the ability to configure what apps and what people will actually make me pick up my phone immediately is going to be a pretty big deal for me.
  6. Pick up where You Left Off: This will be awesome when I upgrade my TV connection (yes I am thinking the new Android TV is going to be a Christmas Present to myself) so that I can move to the living room to the bedroom and continue to watch or listen to what I was without having to find that key spot where I left off at.

November 3, 2014 is just over a week away…but I am already a little jumpy and can’t wait for what Lollipop will bring to me.




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