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Why is Blackberry still even on the Radar

Over the past 18 months Canadian Mobility giant RIM has seen its market dominance in the arena of SmartPhones fade and then come close to imploding.  Thanks to the strength of the iPhone and the Android Army, Blackberry has seen its market share drop 7 full percentage points in the second quarter of 2011.


With more than 70 million worldwide subscribers it may be that there will always be a spot for the beloved keyboard and with its still class leading security features, it will be hard for RIM to battle against the growing consumerization and the influx and improvement of the iPhone and Android connections to exchange. 


For myself I have never been a huge fan of the handsets and really don’t like the keyboard or touch screen that comes with a Blackberry but and I am more akin with he tinkering that comes with an Android but when it comes to mobility…having it work and work well is king.  the future may not be as rosy as it once was but I doubt that RIM will fade completely away.


Choice may be good for consumers for an IT Department that is over stretched and struggling with either deep cuts or restrictions on their time, adding a plethora of mobile devices to the supported device mix may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  Now there iare ways to aleviate the pain but the pain will not go completely away.  For the majority of users on a network…not having a device supported or fully supported is not a big deal but when a CEO or other senior exec tells an IT Manager that they want their new toy supported…well you kind of have to listen.


RIM makes this simple in comparison to its competitors but it is time to look to the alternatives.  Prepare for the worst and hope for the best is an important mantra in 2011-12. 


Well, it is a short post today because of an Internet Outage at home…funny…no outages in 6 years of DSL and within 2 months of making the switch to Cable and we are down…it may be fast but if it doesn’t work…it ain’t so fast.


Cheers and have a great day.


Chris J Powell


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