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Windows 8 Has Arrived

I took my darling wife out shopping last night to locate a new Laptop for her and well I was actually quite surprised by the lack of buzz around the release of Windows 8 at two big box stores.  We found a interesting deal at one for an entry level machine that was right in the sweet spot of the price we were looking for and when my wife walked up to the machine…her reaction:  “Where is my Desktop?”

It took her all of 2 minutes to become completely turned off by the tiles and the need to use the scroll buttons to get from place to place.  I showed her some keyboard short cuts to get to the fake desktop but that was of no use…Metro killed the Windows experience for her.  The sales person related his lack of computer skills and admitted he missed the Windows 8 Training (really…one session for the most radical change in computing since the        move from DOS to Windows) so we knew that this was not likely the best spot to shop.

At the same store we did find a Windows 7 machine that was well for a lack of better terms…kick ass but was at the top end of what we were willing to spend and off we went to another store.

This was now our 3rd store in 2 hours…and I was pretty much over the Windows 8 love fest months ago when I found out the same thing that my wife so astutely found in just 2 minutes.  At this 3rd store there was a tablet with Windows 8 on it…interspersed with the Android Tablets this is where the Windows 8 platform will shine…but we were in luck with the sales person here…as he could actually knew the difference between a Gigaflop and a Floppy Disk.

There was a solid Lenovo system that was dirt cheap…and with the option for a $15 upgrade to Windows 8 as an option…this will be a definite possibility!

But will it happen this week?  Not likely so hopefully there is not a mad rush of people checking out Windows 8 this weekend and opting for the more familiar Windows 7 offerings.



2 thoughts on “Windows 8 Has Arrived

  1. Haha, the OS has a regular desktop option that behaves like any other desktop. Don’t blog false crap becaise you were turned off by the tiles.

    • You are right…and I have given a full account of that in a review of Windows 8 several weeks ago. This was a relation of an experience with my wife and a really bad sales rep.

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