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You have a Twitter Handle…now what?

I am far from a Social Media Expert but I can honestly say that I work hard to keep my “Rep” consistent.  I monitor how I am doing with the “Free” tools like Klout and PeerIndex but have also found Naymz and ProSkore to be quite valuable to monitor and compare.  The one thing that I am finding is that once a baseline score is established…it takes a lot of work to both maintain your existing score on these Analytic measures but it is also a challenge to influence the score.

I strive to be relevant, sharing things that I find interesting in all of my Social Channels.  I figured I would take some time to go through some of my Social Channels and express what I do.  Comments are and tips are very welcome. 

My Tweets over at @chris_j_powell are focused around my blog here as well as to other interesting things that I pick though and find on the Interwebz.  I don’t go crazy with my posts and historically I have been fairly well received in both making connections and keeping them.  I don’t have a huge following but I also try to follow everyone who follows me so I keep my “stream” manageable.


Google+ got my attention very early on but as with much of the Social World…my interest has waned.  I really must refocus and get onto G+ because the concept is great…there is just way too many things pulling me around in multiple directions.  Because this is a Google Product though, I leverage it as my media pusher, the Rants over there are not updated as often as here…but I am going to be working that into my schedule with a separate weekly feed to that content soon.


Facebook…oh my.  This is the Social Network that has always been the bane of my existence.  I fought the “social pull” to join and was finally sucked in.  It was the first real foray into Social Media that I took but I use this as a true “Friend Network” and really try to avoid mixing business with pleasure.  I am currently reworking the Krispy’s Rants Fan Page right now but you know what…I am going to open my profile to all comers (much like I did back in the days Mob Wars).  I really use Facebook as a replacement or supplement to standard communications, I don’t call friends and family anymore…it is all done with Facebook now.


Where I am most Active…at least professionally though is on LinkedIn.  A network that was built around the concept of making professional connections.  I have a lot of my colleagues that use it as a creepy “connector” and look to build up as many connections as possible so that they can see all the other connections that come from that.  My professional network has been built by being Professional and that is how I will keep it, I don’t over stuff my contact list with my work colleagues and I focus on keeping my contacts who have opened up their lives connected with relevant information about me, about the work that the company I work for is doing and only reach out through LinkedIn when typical methods of communication fail. 


On LinkedIn I crossed an important barrier yesterday though, I now have 300 Connections…which in reality is consistent with what I have across all social networks even though each network has different pockets of followers.

As I was prepping for this post and what in reality provided me with the inspiration for this post was a recent InfoGraphic on 3 Social Media Tips to Improve Your Online Reputation.  The statements made in the image are all too very true and have been the core foundation of what I have tried to achieve (success…well that is constantly evolving) but I rather like the way that they laid out how to get started with a nice simple plan…make it too complicated and it just won’t get done.

  1. Get a Good Grip on Your Goals – I set out from the very beginning to be able to connect with my customers…current, past and future with my “pithy” take on the world of technology
  2. Be Newsworthy – I don’t think I have ever tweeted what I was eating or shot out a 140 character bodily function tweet but I certainly have seen them come through in my feed.  I try hard to keep a single “message” and flow across all my channels…even when it is slightly different for different audiences.
  3. Talk to the People being Talked About – This is something that I have never been real comfortable with but I also know that I have to get better at it.  Social Media has torn down a lot of walls and barriers that once stood between the commoner and the industrial royalty…I really need to get better at it…and so should you!

Well that brings the morning to a close…just a few more hours until the weekend.  It has been a long week and I will be glad to kick back and relax a little bit tonight…I would say more about what I am doing but I have been sworn to secrecy by several influential women in my life…and I do know what side of the bread my butter is on!


Chris J Powell

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