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1 month in…what has happened with Googorola?

Well with the $12.5 Billion purchase of Motorola is all but wrapped up and tied with a night neat bow but what has happened in the just over 1 month since the Search Giant (and steward of Android) took over Motorola?  Well not much apparently.  But I did catch wind of an interesting article on the Linux Insider that points out some best case and worst case scenarios for the new Mobility King.

Based on the article titled Google and Moto: The Best- and Worst-Case Scenarios I really do see a great future for the Android ecosystem because of the merger and despite some back peddling by its other licensees (namely Samsung, LG and Sony) having a direct insight into the hardware aspect will allow the Google Devlopers a much keener understanding of what makes a strong device for both consumers and the much sought after enterprise.


On the other hand, as soon as regulatory approval is gained this could create a huge rift within the partnerships with other handset manufacuters into a 6 or 8 way battle for supremacy leaving an obvious winner…Apple.  I also did take a quick gander at the Q3 results from Neilson about handset loyalty and Android has stretched its lead out to 56% market share with Apple a distant second at 28%, Blackberry coming in at 9% and 6% with all others (including Windows Phone).  Now this is all about new purchases and these numbers may be a little skewed because of anticipation of the iPhone5 but well that is another story all on its own.


But back to what the future of Googorola is likely to be…the big win is in the customizability of the Android OS.  It can be many things to many people and it is all openly customizable.  The time to strike for this partnership to have a chance to survive the coming onslaught from Microkia with roll out of Window 8 some time next year is now.  As important as the consumer market is for the all mighty market share numbers…the Enterprise is where the long term money will come from.


The LinuxInsider article alluded to Google working very closely with several manufacuters to produce what they called a “long-tailed” ecosystem that ensures a very broad acceptance within the enterprise across multiple verticles.  This is an enormous advantage that if done right will easily win out over the iOS based iPad which is very much a consumer tablet and while there are Enterprise uses…that is not what it is for and there will never be an iPad designed for use in Hospitals, Banks or the Transportation Industries even though nearly every single one of my clients across every industry is currently testing the option.

That is an advantage for both Google and Motorola, both have had mixed success in actually working within the Enterprise in the past (Motorola especially) and with this pairing there is a strong probabilty that the win for Google will be to focus its efforts as Googorola as an Enterprise Vendor with the occassional Consumer handset coming out…I am a fan and will likely return to a Motorola phone despite less than stellar feelings about my Milestone.


A quick back track towards the coming onslaught from the Microsoft / Nokia partnership which spent much of the summer very very quiet.  I suspect that the first official handset to be relased with Windows 8 will be from Nokia and this as I mentioned is a really big threat to the Android dominance of the market.  Beyond the threat of Windows 8 making in roads and eroding the sizable lead that Android currently enjoys…there is also the looming threat of Bada (Samsung’s in house Mobile OS), the purchase or licensing of WebOS, QNX powered Blackberry’s, and a few other Fringe Mobile OSs that could much like Android did, find a toe hold and springboard out of obscurity and cause another mobile shake up.


I have said it before and will likely say it a few more times…2012 is going to be a very interesting year in the Mobile Space and I can’t wait to see what happens not just with mobile phones but within the Tablet Space with things like the Xoom2, Galaxy Tab 8.9 and a plethora of other options coming out very soon and the iPad 3 still 6 months away (or so it would seem).




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