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1972 Was 42 Years Ago…

Ok so as I sit here contemplating the 42 years of life that I have had the distinct pleasure to experience I got thinking about that year that I was born.  1972…I don’t remember, probably because for 7 months of it I was living in a dark, cramped womb but hey that is splitting hairs.  I figured I would take a look back at 1972 the year and get a handle on what made it a good year (if not great because after all…it was the year I was born).


I figured I would visit the Wikipedia page for that year and take a closer look at the things that made 1972 a great year (besides July 12 being the day that I came along:

Here are some other “42 Year Olds” you may have heard of:

Some interesting events through History that happened on the day of my birth also struck me as interesting:

Other Famous people I share a Birthday with:

Well that is all I have for today as I end my reflection of my own history and start to write the next chapter in that same document.  The first 42 have been great…here is to the next 42!!!



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