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3 Links for IT Geeks Like Me 05-12-12

Sometimes the best ideas for content come from trolling the web in search of what is news worthy.  That is what I have been doing since I started Krispy’s Rants over a year ago.  The challenge is that I read about 250 Blogs, Whitepapers and News Articles every week just to find the 7 topics that I write about each week.  I use RSS, News Agrigators, Twitter and apps like Flipboard and Zite to condense the search for great ideas down into an easier to consume format but there are a lot of things that end up just rattling around in my brain that never get onto the screen.

Taking a tip from the good folks over at Ness Software Engineering Services Blog  a new feature is born for Krispy’s Rants.  My Saturday mornings will now reveal the three best sources of Geekiness that I have found but did not flesh out into a full post for you.  Rather than just copy out the link and send you on your way though…I thought that I would add a little Krispy Flair and give a quick Synopsis of the articles.

Moore’s Law Over, Supercomputing “In Triage,” Says Expert – Technology Review

High Performance Computing expert Thomas Sterling goes on record saying the end to the 18 month cycle of doubling the compute power is coming to an end.

Getting Beyond Big Data Hype to Understand the Data

An Interesting spin on taking Big Data to the masses.  The need to understand, manipulate and interact with Data is not going away.  Whether the Big Data needs of your organization rival that of a Google or Amazon or are more like Jane’s Flower Shop or Jim’s Garage…the day for understanding Data is upon us!

Kickstart your enterprise BYOD strategy

One of the many projects that I have for myself this weekend is to test out an interesting new service built on the concept of a Personal Internal Cloud.  The folks over at Oxygen Cloud have the tools to do just this and I can do it all for free!  Even the Enterprise version of this is incredibly affordable and uses storage that already exists.  Say goodbye Dropbox and!!!

So that concludes the top 3 news stories that did not get built out into a full post.  The number will vary from week to week, depending on how many great pieces of content I find.

Have yourself a wonderful day, it is set to be a gorgeous one here in Southern Ontario!


Chris J Powell

2 thoughts on “3 Links for IT Geeks Like Me 05-12-12

  1. Chris,

    Great post and thanks for allowing me to have the time to chat you about this. Don’t forget Outbound is more than happy to start assisting with testing, pilot or kick starting your one BYOD strategy.

    Have the security and safety that your enterprise data is still within your control and your enterprise boundary.



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