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3 Links for IT Geeks Like Me 06-09-12

What a week, with ups and downs and twists and turns…if there was ever a time for a do over…this week would be it…that being said, some very interesting things happened out on the wild Interwebz this week and I was not able to share them all with you this week so to help to find your way, here are my favorite 3 links of the week.

The 30 Most Popular Passwords Stolen From LinkedIn [INFOGRAPHIC]

The social world was shocked with a security blunder that allowed almost 6.5 Million Passwords to be hacked from the LinkedIn Social Networking Site for Professionals.  This breach  security comes on the heals of another gaff that has me seriously thinking about the time that I spend on LinkedIn as the iOS App from the Social Network potential violates user privacy by transmitting the complete calendars of its users directly to LinkedIn.

Tablets hit critical mass with 1 in 4 smartphone owners using them

Tablets have been a big success there is no doubt about it but when it comes to raw numbers and percentages and statistics…I get chills just thinking about all the data.  But really, if you have a SmartPhone you are likely to also have a tablet…well…I have 3 (the iPad is going up for sale and I am entertaining any and all reasonable offers).

Millennials: They Aren’t So Tech Savvy After All

This is both welcoming news for many in IT or Technology trades but also downright scary in many others.  I ran into this fact with my daughter’s grade 7 teacher this year when a request to build a multimedia presentation was not allowed to be done in PowerPoint and had to be done in a collage format???  I will be personally taking a keen interest in my little Geek 2.0’s skills and I would expect to see some great new work coming from her (maybe even a guest post here at Krispy’s Rants).

Well that being said, for my regular readers, I am looking to open a forum and an opportunity to guest post here in the world of Krispy’s Rants and Musings of a Tech Sales Guy.  To give some insight, the site has approximately 1000 unique visitors each week but I am hoping to grow that to between 2-3000 over the summer.  If you would like the opportunity to guest post simply send an original piece to  Personally I try to keep my posts to approximately 5-700 words, your guest post does not come with any monetary gain at this point but I will include your primary blog in a “Partners / Contributors” page that will be created.

Cheers and have a great weekend.

Chris J Powell

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