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4 Links for IT Geeks Like Me 05-19-12

What an interesting week around the world of Technology.  Apple some how loses $96 BILLION in market capitalization, Facebook for what ever reason comes out of its IPO with a Valuation of over $100 BILLION, Android Based Mini Computers hit the market and my favorite item that did not make it into my Blog Roll this week Google and Microsoft to Take on Amazon in the IaaS Space.

For those enterprising Geeks out there like me that don’t have the time to go through the reams of content and information produced this weekly addition to Krispy’s Rants has been quit a hit so far.

6 Reasons Why the Facebook IPO Fell Flat

Throughout the day yesterday I had colleagues and customers asking me if I would consider investing in Facebook and my honest answer is…not in a million years.  The Social Media Giant may have had an amazing run but I think that now that Profits will become the most important thing to them as the really have to support the whims of investors we will see that the general population and it love affair with likes will start to fade.  Will I still use the Social Media site…of course but with so many options out there…biggest is not always  the best.

Meet the men who carved $96B out of Apple’s market value

There seems to be a no big deal feeling floating through the air in Cupertino, California these days after a group of Hedge fund managers decided to play God with the Apple Inc fortunes.  I remember reading articles back in December and January of this year that we might see an Apple Stock worth as much as $2000 per share this year and then with a few choice words DoubleLine Capital’s Jeffrey Gundlach, told a room packed with investment managers that he was shorting Apple. “I just wonder how many people will queue up around the block for an iPad 87,” and sent the stock plummeting.

This $74 USB Dongle PC Has A 1.5GHz Processor, 512MB RAM And Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich!

Phones are not the only thing that are powering the future of mobile computing.  Imagine packing a PC capable of displaying 1080P video on a device the size of a Thumb Drive, have 4GB of total Storage and run Ice Cream Sandwich.  All this for just $74 bucks…unfortunately they are sold out and are now only taking pre-orders to ensure proper production levels.  Next Batch…June 10  order yours now!

Google, Microsoft to Take On Amazon in IaaS Space?

As if the space of Infrastructure-as-a-Service wasn’t already crowded enough, Google and Microsoft recently let it slip that the Cloud is an integral part of their future growth strategies and they are targeting Amazon’s EC2 Cloud.  I don’t know if this is yet another case of the two Tech Giants deciding to come to the party late and see how much money they can make or if it is really a sign that the trends and movement in Technology are really shifting permanently to the Cloud?  Only time will tell…I have a sneaky suspicion that it is a little of both.

But that concludes this Weeks “Best of the Web” that didn’t earn a  full post by yours truly.

For us here in Canada…it is a long weekend, the sun is shining and life is very very good.  I think that it is time to hit the road and explore…I am in the mood for a Donut!


Chris J Powell

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