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4 Links for IT Geeks Like Me 06-16-12

What a day.  With tomorrow being my last full day of Krispy’s Rants from my current location I thought about doing a look back at my previous 370+ posts and fondly thinking about how the site has grown over the past 15 months…and then I thought…no way.  It is Saturday…and it is time to share with all of you 4 links that you may not have found on your own.

The Future of IT management

Hailing from beautiful New Zealand, the IT Skeptic generates a unique take on the world of IT Service Management.  The question of Governance is probably one of the most frequent queries that I get from my clients regardless of industry.  IT Management MUST become more focused on running a well documented and accountable, transparent focus to survive in its current state and flourish in the future!

Small Businesses Lack Knowledge, Resources for Proper Data Storage

I love challenger statements and when you throw down the gauntlet like eWeek’s Nathan Eddy did this week I take notice.  The reality is the SMB marketplace is challenged daily with advances in technology that because of the size of the organization they are not able to take full advantage of.  The economy of Cloud, Big Data, True Mobility Savings these are advantages and skills that larger organizations can take advantage of because the larger departments can allow for specialization f skill sets.

Announcing the Ubuntu App Showdown Contest!

Over at the Canonical sponsored Linux developer site, there is a pretty cool contest running to develop Mobile and Desktop Apps and up for grabs are some pretty wicked prizes including the one, the only Nokia N9 phone.  I may just have to pull out my developer hat and see what I can come up with…there is not many devices that run the MeeGo OS so it would be kind of cool to win one!

Finding Coaches To Accelerate Growth Without Killing the Bank Account

Even Geeks need to seek out a coach from time to time.  Personal Growth and expanding ones horizons is key to living a rich and fulfilled life but most of us (Geek or Not) never seek out guidance.  My Social Media Colleague Todd Nielson has been an inspiration for me to continue to grow and expand my network and be everything that I want to be.  He also is a regular contributor to IT Channel Insight as well.

My next Post is likely to be from the newly minted Man Cave at our new home…or possibly from our lovely and expansive back yard, I have many options that I can partake in now so it will be a surprise (more for my than for you because the quality will not be any different).

Cheers and for all the Dad’s out there…have a happy Fathers Day tomorrow.

Chris J Powell

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