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5 Links for IT Geeks Like Me 06-02-12

Every time I see the calendar switch over to a new month, it really does feel like a fresh start but is it just me or is time accelerating as we get older?  That being said, I could not narrow my selection down to just 3 or 4 links this week so it is a veritable cornucopia of clicks to some interesting information this week.

Forrester: “Iceberg, Dead Ahead!”

This Link comes from the SaaS king and its “Cloud Blog”.  I have been a long term follower of this forum because well I have to interact with SalesForce on a daily basis and what better way to keep abreast of future changes than to get the good word from the horses mouth.  I would agree to a certain point that this is a challenge that IT Leaders are facing but it is not too late to change that direction.  Unlike the Titanic…everyone has seen the Iceberg…now it is up to IT to change course and work to change.

Plagiarism Is On The Rise – Students Struggle To Understand – Infographic

A picture is worth a 1000 words and that is exactly why I really think that the way that modern Data Sets can be presented in the form of an Infographic to really represent the meaning in a distinct and easy to interpret way is key to our visual brains.  Lets face it…as a society we read less and play games more.  The truly scary thing about this link is that while copying is bad and plagiarism is wrong…all you have to do is a) ask permission to reuse or b) give credit where credit is do!

The 8 Cheapest Computers in the World

Thinking back to the golden age of computing, the first General Purpose Computer ENIAC was built over a 3 year period from 1943 to 1946 and in adjusted dollars would have cost $6,000,000.  ENIAC was so massive that it needed its own room and by 1997 a single chip 8mm square was able to surpass the total computing power of the first machine.  Looking at these 8 works of Tech Genius…they are both small, affordable and well pardon my French but DAMN SEXY!

LibreOffice Has Found its Rhythm

Since the fork and move away from OpenOffice I have been torn between loyalty to the original or making the move and transition to the new king of Open Document building.  I recently even had a debate with my boss about why I need to have this installed on my work computer because it can do things that the Microsoft Office programs just can’t.  Word is still out on whether I was persuasive enough.

Mars One Plans to Start Mars Settlement in 2023

Say what…we are only a decade away from settling on a new planet?  We have not even perfected doing this on the moon yet and we are setting our sites on Mars???  Ok…it is still pretty cool and as a colleague of mine at work was saying that her son’s dream of being an Intergalactic Crime Fighter might just be a reality in our life time…it is pretty cool!

Well the weekend is upon us.  For my friends over in the United Kingdom, enjoy your extended holiday to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee.  As a Commonwealth Country I am shocked that we did not participate.


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