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A Funny thing happened…

Every where we look we are hit with the bombardment of Social this and Social that.  There is Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, MySpace, YourSpace, WeAllGotSpace but are we any more connected than we were before the Interwebz forever changed how we communicate and interact?  A funny thing happened to me when I decided to take the bull by the horns and leverage the potential of the Interwebz to connect with and reach as many people as I could.  Whether they were IT Professionals or not, I wanted to invest myself in putting my personal spin on the world of Technology.

Now I have never been a very social guy, I don’t go out of my way to make new friends and many times have a problem with trust but after being in Sales for several years now I must say I am much better than I was.  Gone are the days when a performance review for me states “Chris does not play well with others” and this is replaced with the Chris that you visit here and at my other Social Media Channels with increasing frequency!


So a Funny thing happened back in February.  I had begun to envision myself as a brand and what I would need to do to make myself stand out from the crowd.  I know that the clients that I work with take between 20-30 sales calls per day, most don’t get more than the cursory “5 minutes” that almost every Sales Guy asks for.


Now as I ventured off to Sell Myself to the world I had to come up with a strategy.


I did not hire a PR Firm and I did not consult one of the million or so Social Media Gurus out there…I did however turn to David Kalstrom at Outbound Excellence.  Now in the time since my enrolling in his program of Social Lead Generation (we set specific parameters and built a solid list together) what I did not do was sign up for his Automatic Blog and Social Media Systems…that was way to impersonal for me but I did take some advise during our weekly lunch time strategy calls and even though he made a good pitch on letting someone else manage my presence…I just could not see myself diving into this and then giving up control.


I set up my personal Home Page that was really nothing more than a place holder with links to my social media channels and started to blog away at my other site… and from April 23, 2011 the Brand of Chris J Powell was born.  I was not and am still not looking to make millions of my name or off this brand, what I am looking to accomplish is a way for those that I work with (colleagues, friends, clients and prospects) to gain a better understanding of who I am, where I am coming from and to set myself apart from those 20-30 other 5 minute conversations that are a drain on personal productivity.

In the weeks and months that have passed since my first post I can say that by leveraging the power of Google Analytics and my own Hosts tracking systems I have gone from just 15 hits per day to more than 350 unique visitors yesterday!  I was shocked and amazed that the move from my account over to my own blog site has been such a dramatic turn around but what I am most happy about is that fact that the comments that are coming in at a surprising rate of 5-10 per day lately have been very encouraging…”They Like me, they really like me!”


What will come next as I build out my “Brand”?

Check out Operation Personal Brand if you are looking to build your “Brand”

I don’t know but the replacement of Facebook in the mornings with this Blog has been far more profitable (still waiting for my payout on Bejewelled Blitz 2 to arrive).


Cheers and have a great week!


Chris J Powell


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