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A Future…

There is something cathartic that can come from reviewing ones life as long as you don’t let the multitude of mistakes, mis-steps and wrong turns distract you from truly learning from the challenges that you have faced.

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to look back at my “Unniversary”.  It is not really a day to celebrate as it constitutes the day that I thought I was committing to a “lifetime of happiness” with another person but as time wore on, we were no longer compatible and 2 years ago we went our separate ways and can now really look to finding happiness…without each other.

We have both moved on.  Myself especially, I have found a partner, a confidant and a soul mate all rolled into one.  For a very long time, as I battled the inward effects of Anxiety and Depression I thought that I would be alone forever.  That is just not the case, there was/is someone out there for me and when I was least expecting to find a “forever”, I stumbled upon her.  In just over 1 month, I will celebrate my 44th year and the completion of our 1st year together.

Later this year, we will make the ultimate commitment to each other by taking each other’s hand in marriage.

It is not rushing, at least not for us.

We have accepted each other’s faults.  Embraced each other’s strengths.  Together we can take on any adversity and in this first year, we have faced more than our fair share but have come out of it all smelling like roses!

Building a Future for me, used to mean plotting, planning and executing.  Now it means living!  And I truly love living!



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