Chris J Powell

A Grand Reset is about to Happen

There are times in a person’s life when things have to just reset.  New challenges appear and the time for reflection turns to a period of action.  The time for action for me is about to occur.  Changes are coming at me from many directions and it is time for me to put more effort into the things that I truly enjoy while letting the things that just have me going through the motions come to an end.

The Rants will continue and I will continue to post daily but I am going to take a very targeted approach to what I do.  Habari as a blogging platform has served a purpose for me but it is time to make to the site I had envisioned when I started down the path of Social Integration into my life.

The Brand of Krispy is about me connecting with my colleagues, customers and the general population of tech users.  Expect to see me more involved in the many directions that Social Media has presented to me in the future.  Today…the new will start to take shape and if all goes well…the new site will be up later this week.

The 340 posts will still be available but I will put them into an Archive of sorts.

Wish me luck!

Chris J Powell

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