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A Mobile Showdown, Apple iTV and Why is Everyone giving Google+ the Middle Finger?

As we close out 2011 and enter into a new year there are two dominating Mobile OSes out there and a few that continue to straggle along.  iOS from Apple and Android from Google contribute to 69% of the total market share for mobile devices and Google itself has seen a dramatic increase in popularity jumping from just 25% last year to more tan 50% of all devices being purchased having Android installed.  But when we include the fringe or at least the one that stands a chance of any recovery in market share (yes…I have written off Blackberry…for good) and that brings us to include Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft.


This post was inspired by ‘s article over at and I thought that this showdown would be aptly meaningful as I have given up on my current carrier and I am shopping for a new phone on a new provider.


The Crux of the article broke down looking at the different dominance points like # of Devices, # of Apps, 4G compatibility, Navigation, Custom Firmware and more but it all really boils down to personal choice.  For me…the iPhone is out, I don’t like the Walled Garden…it may be there to protect me but in all honesty…let me choose what I need protection from.  Windows Phone 7…you know what…I am kind of rooting for Microsoft to get a win and make some sort of comeback now that Nokia is producing non Symbian phones again but with I don’t think that the play to Windows 8 and its distinctive similarities to the Windows Phone are going to gain enough traction to unseat the top dog.


For me…Android is where it is at.  It is and always be about choice.  I can choose my firmware, I can choose what version of the software I install, I can choose many things and I can make them happen because I AM A GEEK…and from looking at the total dominance…I would say that there are a few more out there like me that want to be able to choose, tweak and make it right by our personal.


A funny story, I was in a Carrier’s Store yesterday looking at the handsets and a really nice lady was also there…she was shopping for her first cell phone (she was in her mid to late 60s) and she looked at me and said “I need something that will be easy to use and does all those smart things that a phone can do today”…I pulled out my Samsung Galaxy and let her play with it…it was just like my 4 year old niece when she got my iPad…she fell in love with it.  I wonder if I get a % of the commission on that sale as I believe she went for the Galaxy Nexus S (which is a pretty impressive move for you FIRST Cell Phone Ever!).


What is the deal with Apple iTV?

Apple has been talking up a pretty big story throughout 2011 to go head to head with Google and beat them down in the living room with the iTV.  The problem is that the digital revolution that build the Apple we see today because of the iPod and iTunes is not able to build out the use case and get the distribution rights for TV content the same way.  Now Apple can build the most beautiful User Interface and throw it up onto 55 inches of Apple Glory but really…if it is made by Apple it is gonna be expensive and without the content…can you lure away people from an ever decreasing price point on LED LCD TVs and add a little Set Top Box like a Boxee Box or a Google TV Box?


Personally I think that the iTV will be as bad of a flop as the Lisa and the Newton were for Apple and they really should stay away from this space and stick with building out the Apple TV concept until they can really gain some traction there.


So why is Everyone ticked at Google+?


Ok so it turns out that Google+ has entered into the fray of some online censorship and trying to add some moral sense to the internet.  So it all started with Google+ user MG Siegler changing his profile pic to one with his Middle Finger raised at no one in particular.  With a Profile name like MG Siegler though…are you not in violation of the Real Name policy that raised a stink at the outset of this service?

I do find it a bit disturbing that Google removed the image but as a “journalist” MG don’t you think that you have some semblance of responsibility to hold yourself to a higher standard when you post to a Social Media Site?  Also, through your personal Blog at you leverage the F-Bomb quite a bit and then link it back to your Google+ Account.  I am just saying that it is a “public profile” and you are a “public figure” and there are a million ways to “IMPLY” your reference to the F-Bomb without actually dropping it out there….Just sayin!


Facebook as tried and failed to be a moral compass and Google I think was only trying to do the same thing.  Get over yourself and move on.


OK enough of that though…the count down to 2012 is upon us and so is the return to regular employment (which is why I woke up so early…1 week down and 1 to go).


Question for December 29, 2011


Online Censorship by Content Providers…a good thing or a bad thing?




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