Chris J Powell

A New Dawn, A New Day

The adventure that is the life of Krispy continues to unravel before me.  It is interesting to see how the amount that things have changed in the past 5 years the more they stay the same and that I am making an unceremonious return to Call Center life (not what I thought would happen).  This is becoming one of those moments in my life that while it is not what I wanted, it is what I got and hey…4 1/2 years at Call Centers before making the leap to Sales for 5 years…it is the combination of both of these worlds.

Training will be interesting as I take 5 years of Sales Experience and apply it to this new world that I will be living in.  One thing is for sure though…a Job is definitely not a Career and I will continue to explore my options as I plug away at making my “metrics” and focus on being productive and hopefully make some money as well.

What will the future hold?  Well it is too early to tell but I am seriously considering heading back to school.  Hopefully I can find out if I am eligible a Student Loan so that maybe, I can get piece of paper that actually holds some relevance in my future.

Wish me Luck and have a great day to everyone who has been so supportive during my “employment hiatus”.



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