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A Rough Night

So just one week after I spent the night in the hospital it appears that it was my daughter’s turn. This is one case that I wish she was suffering from the Beiber Fever but it does not look like we can be so lucky.


From all appearances it would appear that her Appendix has flaired up and she has been in the hospital overnight waiting to see a surgeon.  The ordeal started yesterday right at the end of my work day when my wife called saying that she had collapsed in pain.  I rushed home and we immediately went to the Emergency Room.


By 8:00 PM the doctor’s had all but ruled out Appendix and gave us an option of waiting for an ultrasound or heading home for a good nights rest.  My little mouse said she was hungry (I guess all the yummy goodness of her first IV was not enough) so we went home, thinking crisis averted.


By 9:30 PM we were loaded back up and off to the Hospital once again.


There was not much sleep to be had and I am back to resupply my Wife and give my little girl some love before the start of another busy day.


For that reason this is the extent of today’s post.




Chris J Powell

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