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A sad goodbye to Freya

Nearly 1 year ago we said goodbye to our first family pet, a wonderful cat named Sniffles.  It has been a tough year without him but as a family we have managed pretty well…that is until our 12 year old Boxer named Freya became ill.  Yesterday we did the most humane thing we could do and took Freya to the Vet’s to end her suffering, she had lost almost half of her body weight, was unable to keep food down most days and was deteriorating fast from what was suspected as a Nasal Tumor that was causing tremendous loss of blood and other issues.


Just as I did back on May 1, 2011 I am paying tribute to my pet the best way I know how…by posting a goodbye message to a good friend.  Freya, AKA Big Fat Brown Head was well known for being the friendliest of friendly pets.  True to her Boxer heritage she would try to break herself in half to greet us when we came home.

I know that what we did was the right thing to do but being in the room and seeing her take her last breath…well it punched a hole in my heart that I am hoping this memorial piece will help to repair. 

I am a firm believer that we do not choose our pets, they choose us and this was absolutely the case with Freya.  For our second anniversary back in 2000 I took my wife and 9 month old daughter on a trek around Southern Ontario looking for the right Dog…we wanted a large breed but were unsure of what dog would be the right fit for our family dynamic.  We looked at Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Huskies, Shepards and at 3 different Boxer Breeders and when we came upon a family friend who had a litter that the last two pups had just turned a year old we went for a visit.

Freya (at the time known as Wilma) came running at us as soon as we came up to the farm house, I remember distinctly that my daughter not a big fan of grass had asked if she could walk on her own that day…Freya ran up to her and unable to come to a complete stop, our two little girls met in a tangle of kisses, giggles and happiness.

Freya had been with us for nearly 11 years and through her life had done some things that really just made us scratch our heads and go really!!!  While having a weekend visit with friends (dog sitting for us while we had an out of town wedding), Freya truly loved the life of a Farm dog but the stories we were told upon returning from Montreal still have us laughing.  One would think that jumping out of a 2nd story barn door once would teach anyone a lesson but not Freya, to the shock of our friend, not only did she get right back up after propelling herself into the air, she ran right back up the stairs, past him and out the door again.  Not a scratch, not an injury and only Freya’s classic jowel filled happy smile.

I will miss many things about Freya, in fact even this morning I half expected her to meet me at the bottom of the stairs for a quick morning pee but alas…those days are now gone.

The best nights sleeps that I have had were initiated by this 90 lbs, snoring slobber engine cuddling up in my armpit and letting out her signature sigh.  Things will never be the same without her but my daughter put it best as we took her from the car and into the Vet’s when she said “Soon you will be with NeeNee” as they truly were best friends.

Rest in Peace girl…I will never forget you.

Chris J Powell

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