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A Sad Goodbye to ‘Niffy

As I sat down last week to plot out the next several posts and the topics that I wanted to put down I decided that I would take Saturday’s off and do a “Personal Post” on Sunday, as a way of bearing my soul and letting the world know that I am about more than just geeky stuff like Linux, Computers and Mobile Phones.

When we woke up this morning we found the rock of our family lying peacefully in the hallway head curled up in my wife’s shoe.  “Sniffles” was part of our family through thick and thin since October 1997.  Nearly 14 years old he came to our family in very poor health as a kitten as he was rescued from a house in Wingham, ON that had nearly 30 cats.  He battled through a Flea Infestation and bladder infection that nearly took his life in his first year but NEVER quit.

I remember the day “Sniffles” chose us with vivid and happy memories.  The runt of the group came up to me and rubbed back and forth and purred continually.  As my fiance (now wife) and I picked him up and carried him to our vehicle, he looked at me and as if to say thank you, he sneezed his trademark discharge in my face and his name “Sniffles” was his.

Always small, he has been with us through 9 moves (From Listowel to Brussels, Brussels to Ottawa and Ottawa to London) and never once did he get used to being in a vehicle!

The past few weeks we had a sneaky suspicion that his health was taking a turn but he kept bouncing back to his old form.  Jenn (my wife) and I returned home from her Grandmother’s 80th birthday to find him curled up in the bathroom and not really wanting to do much of anything…we knew his time with us was coming to and end.

His passing will be hard to take for my 11 year old daughter who spent the night with her cousins at Grandpa’s House and despite my earlier statements over and over that there would be no new pets in this house (mainly because the broke the mold with “‘Niffy”) I can’t help but think that there needs to be another kitty in this house.

Sniffles, I will miss you and will never forget what a great “cuddle monster” you were and a source of great joy your cuddles, purrs and well snotty little sneezes were.

Rest in Peace.

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