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A Shout Out to Linux Front Man Linus Torvalds

20 years of Linux and the Technology Academy of Finland has named two finalists for its $1.3million prize that many consider to be Technology’s equivalent to the Nobel Prize.  One of those finalists is none other than the soft spoken very humble father of the Linux Kernel, Linus Torvalds.


Would I say that Linus is deserving of a Laureate Prize and truly be recognized for his contribution to the Open Source Community…well does a Bear take a roll of Charmin to the woods???

In looking at the profile that is up at the Academy’s website it goes a long way to explain why nearly 21 years after this his historic post (which has been archived by Google at comp.os.minix).  The fact that this moment in history has been forever immortalized and is still open for comments is way too cool.

I pulled this from the Media Page over at the Academy Page:

In recognition of his creation of a new open source operating system for computers leading to the widely used Linux kernel. The free availability of Linux on the Web swiftly caused a chain-reaction leading to further development and fine-tuning worth the equivalent of 73,000 man-years. Today millions use computers, smartphones and digital video recorders like Tivo run on Linux. Linus Torvald’s achievements have had a great impact on shared software development, networking and the openness of the web, making it accessible for millions, if not billions.

If you would like to find out more about the connections and what other organizations have said about the Contribution by Linus look no further:


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