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A Trip Down Memory Lane with the New DreamLinux

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Several years ago while I was experimenting with the hundreds of available Linux Distros out there and downloading every new and exciting ISO that was posted on I came across a wonderful Brazilian Distro called DreamLinux. At the base, DreamLinux looks and feels kind of like a Mac which is both a positive and a negative (especially when you have many colleagues that just love their Apple Products and you want to feel like you fit in but can’t stand the thought of selling out).


So, what’s new in DreamLinux 5?

100% compatible with Debian Testing.
Modern Xfce 4.8 Desktop, customized with DeamLinux style and appearance.
Kernel Linux 3.1.1-dream-3.
Plenty of new features and easy resource set, mostly written in Ruby, Vala and Lua.
Safe and sound system update via dist-upgrade, with no harm to its stability.
Modern, simple and powerful installer, allowing you to install DreamLinux in about 5 minutes!
Decent average boot time when installed.
Programming environment: Lua, Ruby, Vala, Python, Perl, C/C++.
A new engine called Transformers that allows users to unleash their creativity, so as to forge their own visual scheme, customizing it at will.

As always I through this onto a test VM with 3GB of Ram and 20GB of HDD and all said and done, the new DreamLinux 5 installer shines in comparison to the former iteration which if I remember correctly had some issues with drive allocations.  The entire install took about 15 minutes and what I really like about Dream Linux is that it comes fully prepped to run your Multimedia content.

Installed Apps include:

  • XFCE 4.8 for the Desktop with a custom Dock
  • SoftMaker office suíte
  • Gimp
  • Inkscape
  • Imagination
  • Simpleburn
  • Shotwell
  • Chromium Browser
  • Several Servers preinstalled (Apache, PHP5, Samba, Torrentflux and more).

All and all, it runs like a “dream” is stable and very usable.  For me though, I am not sure if I would agree with using the SoftMaker Office Suite over the LibreOffice alternative.  I opened a few existing MS Office Docs and tools and while they loaded ok, not as well as the would in LibreOffice.

The great thing is that DreamLinux is Debian Based and for me that means that I don’t have to mess around with YUM or RPM files which for me is one of the biggest reasons I have never gotten into SUSE, Mandrake or Fedora based systems in the past.

If I as to give this distro a ranking, I guess I would have to devise an effective Scoring System…say a score out of a Dozen Donuts…and DreamLinux scores a solid 7 Donuts!

So if you would like to give DreamLinux a Spin, as always it is a FREE Download, all Open Source and a breeze to install (fully working desktop in less than 15 minutes).


Chris J Powell


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