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A View from my Inbox

Each and everyday I pour through hundreds of emails, many being randomly generated SPAM that eat away at my day like an invading organism set to bring me to my knees but every once in a while…there is a nugget of hope.  The emails I get vary from important client emails that cause an action and reaction, co-worker generated SPAM all the way to those surprising emails that bring a smile to my face.

Many say that email is dead and that Social Media is the way of the future for all communications.  I would have to say that I agree on many fronts but as my Social Networks grow exponentially, I find it harder and harder to sort the wheat from the chaff across Twitter, G+ and the 1000’s of image posts on Facebook.  There is very much something to be said about opening your email to find a message that is a surprise.

As an Inside Sales Professional this sometimes comes in the form of a “Magic Email” with a Purchase Order attached or an email from my Grandmother and her version of Social Connections (the email chain letter).

I maintain 4 main email addresses (and many others that I created over the years that have died off).  My work email is where I connect with my customers, while I check and respond to emails almost 24/7 the 1-200 emails that i get in this inbox daily is mainly organized by the Rules and Organization of my work Outlook and is focused entirely on speed of reply.  The View from this Inbox is clean…I sort (either manually or by Rules) into a few different folders and catalog things accordingly.

My Gmail…the oldest surviving email address that I have (it has remained the same for nearly a decade).  I had a Hotmail Account but when I made the transition to Linux years ago…I broke my personal ties to all things Microsoft where ever I could.  In my Gmail, I suffer from SPAM Sprawl and unfortunately get more than 500 emails here EVERY day.  Thank goodness for the strong SPAM rules that Google applies because my phone would never stop vibrating if this was not the case.  The Evolution of Gmail as a medium for me is  parts email…1 part Archived Storage (I now have 10GB of storage there!), but this too did not contain the surprise.

Then I have my Website email Addresses.  These all tie back to a single alias (makes it so much easier to check mail that way) and is mostly where I deal with my Web necessities like administrative tasks, new users and the plethora of SEO SPAM and other crap that just having a domain opens you up to.

Then there is my most commonly used email address, the one that I actually provide to most people who ask for my email. krispy at has been with me for the past 2 years.  I generally get between 100-150 emails to this inbox every day (although I have been aggressively unsubscribing to as many things as possible).  This was where I woke up to a welcome surprise this morning.

About 3 months ago I joined a local Toastmasters Club (Forest City Toastmasters) and have become very active with the club taking on a role with the Executive as the Secretary this year.  The surprise came to me from one of the Executive Members who maintains our weekly agenda.  I found out that on August 23, I will hold the distinction of being Toastmaster (who is tasked with the introduction of the speakers for the evening).  The Club itself has nearly 54 years of history behind it and I take it with great pride that this will be my role.

It may be a small thing to go through for those out there who are experienced speakers and or Toastmasters…but the specific roles that combine to focus on my Leadership abilities is what actually makes me nervous…not the speeches.

If you are in London, ON or visiting our wonderful city…you are always welcome at our Club.  We meet Thursdays from 7PM to 9PM  at the Goodwill Building (Horton Street and Wellington Street).


Chris J Powell

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